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Backing Configs to SolarWinds TFTP Server

I thought I’d do a quick note on how simple it is to back up switch configs to SolarWinds TFTP Server. I ran into a slight issue (I’ll explain later) at the start. But everything ended up working as expected.

SolarWinds TFTP Server is free to download and takes just a couple minutes to run through the installation. Once it’s installed it runs as a service and uses UDP port 69. There’s really not much to configure here. I just left the server root directory as C:\TFTP-Root.

I ran into my issue when I tried doing a test backup for my little Cisco Catalyst 2940. I went into priv EXEC mode > copy run tftp > Address or name of remote host > Destination filename. It failed to copy and timed out. I went ahead and added a new rule in WFAS to allow UDP port 69. Then went back to the CLI and tried again. Everything was successful this time and I saw the event in the activity log on the SW TFTP application and the created config files in the root directory.

Pretty simple. That’s all I need for now.