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Windows slow startup? Or running a little slow in general?

Windows taking a little longer than usual to start up or running slower than usual?

I get this from time to time.

What usually happens is this:

>I’ll install programs throughout the months for testing purposes or for one or two-time uses.

>Forget they’re installed.

>Then, wonder why my computer is running or starting slower than usual.

One built in Windows utility that can help, and is often overlooked, is MSCONFIG.

With MSCONFIG you can change the way your PC boots, what programs to run at startup, what services to run, and more. For the purposes of this post I’ll take a quick look at Startup and Services.

Click ‘Start’ and type ‘MSCONFIG’ in the search then hit enter. You should get this:


Go to the ‘Startup’ tab and disable any items that you do not need at startup. Be cautious as to what items you disable. Be sure you know exactly what you’re disabling. If you’re unsure just Google it. Otherwise, leave it alone. Personally, I like to keep things to almost a bare minimum. When I saw items such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Citrix Client, Mikogo, etc. enabled, I unchecked them. If I want them, I’ll start them manually.


The same applies under the ‘Services’ tab. Be cautious what you uncheck. Use Google if you aren’t sure or just leave it.

Once you’re done, hit ‘Apply’ then reboot. Hopefully, your startup time is reduced a little bit.

Hope this helps.