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3D Printed Wrist Brace

We had the chance to print off a wrist brace using the CubePro Trio. The .STL file was downloaded online, imported into the CubePro software, then exported out as a .cubepro file extension (this model 3D printer will read and print only a .cubepro or .creation type). One common mistake is to completely bypass converting the .STL into a .cubepro for the printer to read. You should go through the CubePro software and “Build” the project, which essentially saves and exports as a .cubepro. Once you have your file ready for printing, you can save it to a USB flash drive and plug it into the printer or you can send the job wireless.

The print job took 2hr 49min.

The project is printed flat using PLA material. Then, you dip the printout into hot water and mold it around your wrist/forearm. The material hardens after a few seconds. Velcro straps (not shown) are looped into the brace for extra support. Not bad!